Gaitana congratulated Donetsk FC ‘Shakhtar’ on its victory.

On May 22, Gaitana opened a gala concert at RSC ‘Metalist’on the occasion of the early championship of the FC ‘Shakhtar’, which for the twelfth time became the champion of Ukraine in football.

Gaitana received a special gift on her birthday.

This year Ukrainian singer Gaitana decided to embody the old idea and help young authors to popularize their works. In one of the social networks Gaitana announced her intention to select and sing a song that her fans would send to her on her birthday. So, as a result of creative collaboration of the singer with a young poet Olesia Gaevska and composer Anna Voloshyna was the emergence of a new work "Na hvyli".

Gaitana congratulates all listeners on St. Valentine’s Day and presents a new song.

Her new song "Zakokhana" asserts that true love exists. "Zakokhana" is a frankly talk about unconditional love that changes us, makes time to stop, and the heart to knock stronger, love, which has no limits.

New year - new premieres!

Continuing the collaboration between Gaitana and talented DJ duet of KIWI Project, musicians are beyound happy to share with the listeners the remix versions of the already well-known tracks "Snig" and "Sneg".

On the New Year eve singer Gaitana made a fantastic gift to her audience .

On the New Year eve singer Gaitana made a fantastic gift to her audience - presented a new song "Sneg".

Gaitana hit the dance floor of the TV project "Tantsi z zirkamy"!

Last Sunday in live broadcast of the 5th season of the show the singer along with Lesya Nikitiyk and her partner Maxym Yezhov created a full-fledged theatrical performance with the flurry of real emotions

The Ukrainian singer Gaitana, has provided the public with a new song which is called "Snig".

The new music premiere is the story about each of us: our hopes and dreams, old memories and desires, dreams that come true and genuine love.

Gaitana presented a new single and confessed her love!

«Te Amo» is an easy and at the same time a deep-meaning composition that successfully combines hot rhythms, lyrics and understanding that love binds us.

Gaitana presents a new and frank song «Obiimy, ne vidpuskai»:

«I don’t know an absolute formula of love. But I know one thing, it's impossible to become a happy person if you can’t be sincere. If you love, express sincere feelings, appreciate, respect, hug and don’t let go!».

Gaitana presented a new emotional song and advised lovers not to forget to talk about their feelings.

"Love is never too much. There is no matter how happy we are, each of us always wants to hear that the most precious person in the world thinks much of him/her and worries about him/her.

Gaitana presented a new song "Tsvety":

"Summer leaves us photos, pictures, video ... And I leave my emotions in the song "Tsvety".

Gaitana presented a new video for the song "Sonce v Tobi".

Gaytana`s new video shows the warmth of human relations, the value of family and love.

Gaitana gives a new song to the audience - "Kak udalit’ tebya"

Popular Ukrainian singer Gaitana presented a new song named " Kak udalit’ tebya"

Gaitana starts the year with a personal revelation!

The singer Gaitana decided to abandon planned holidays in the United Arab Emirates and completely devoted all her spare time to favorite work in the recording studio.

Gaitana Wants to be a karaoke diva!

Song "Sonce v Tobi" by Gaitana has already burst in the highest stages of Ukrainian radio charts. And it`s a week later, after the official release!

It's time to get gifts!

No, the New Year has not come yet, but you can get nice gifts, and just like that, for no reason.

Recently Gaitana presented the Ukrainian version of the song "«Kak by ne bylo bolno»" titled «Bіl' mene ne lyakae'».

The author of the text of this version was Anastasia Lazo, who in cooperation with Gaitana presented the audience a really lovely and melodious track.

Gaitana presented a new video of the song "Kak by' ne by'lo bol'no" after a long sabbatical leave.

The singer with an unique, unforgettable voice, introduced single "Kak by' ne by'lo bol'no" and the video for this song.

Gaitana and Karl Frierson's new duet song

The only duet in the upcoming Karl Frierson's solo album has guested Ukrainian diva Gaitana.

Gaitana has returned to Ukraine with new songs!

After a long pause, popular Ukrainian singer Gaitana presents his new song, entitled "It would not hurt."

Essami (Gaitanа) as a guest on the city festival

On the 25th of September in Khmelnitsky Essami delighted the audience with her performance at the concert in honor to the day of the city, because in recent years her performances were not very frequent to see in Ukraine.

Gaitana: "Essami - it's me!"

Essami is a new name of Gaitana with which work on her new musical project began.